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Energy Evaluation


Energy prices are increasing every year. We take pride in helping homeowners and businesses discover how they can recover lost heating, cooling, and wasted electricity through our energy evaluations and thermal imaging. Our thermal cameras can see where heated or cooled air is escaping from your house. Our blower door can locate areas where conditioned air is escaping through leaks and drafts. Home Inspector Consultants can then make recommendations on how to correct problems that may exist.


Thermography and Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can locate the sources of lost heated or cooled air by "seeing" temperature variations. These areas may be the result of missing or compacted insulation, plumbing leaks, broken window panes, leaking ductwork, etc. Thermal imaging can locate areas of excessive moisture. Moisture in a structure can compromise integrity and nurture mold growth. Thermal imaging can help locate roof leaks without physical disassembly of the structure.

Blower Door

Blower Door Testing

A blower door works by testing the airtightness of a structure. They can show us where conditioned air is leaking out of your home or business. A blower door raises or lowers the air pressure of your structure above or below the pressure that is outside forcing air to "find" ways in or out. A thermal camera then directs us to where the air is leaking allowing us to suggest corrective actions.


Lower Utility Costs

Most people want to lower utility costs. Did you know that, on average, 23% of the electricity we pay for is not being used?! Did you know that power surges, spikes, and lightning strikes cost Americans over one billion dollars every year?! We can perform a simple test of your electrical system to tell you how efficiently your house uses electricity.

Energy Efficiency

We can help show you the most cost effective way to improve and reduce energy costs by identifying latent deficiencies. We can advise you with the most cost effective solutions and give you many options.

A simple inspection, along with corrective actions, can reduce your energy costs for the life of your home - saving you thousands. All of this can be possible with an energy evaluation and thermal imaging to improve the energy efficieny of your home.

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We offer energy evaluations and thermal imaging services in NW Indiana and Chicago including: Schererville, St. John, Crown Point, Munster, Dyer, Merrillville, Highland, Griffith, Cedar Lake, East Chicago, Hobart, Lake Station, Lowell, Whiting, Hammond, Gary, Valparaiso, Portage.

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